LinkedIn Profile Writing Service

Could your profile use a makeover?

Now is the time to transform a dull and ineffective profile into a career tool that showcases your unique brand and helps you get the most out of LinkedIn … whether you’re actively searching for a job or just trying to increase your sphere of influence. If you need help …

  • Writing a Summary that tells your story and articulates your brand
  • Optimizing keywords to help improve your visibility in search rankings
  • Developing a headline that aligns your brand with keyword criteria
  • Creating a plan to  increase the quality and quantity of your connections
  • Figuring out how to leverage groups, endorsements, and other features

Your Professional LinkedIn Makeover

Who It’s For: Anybody looking to increase their personal presence online, including managers and executives in any industry, business owners, sales professional, entrepreneurs, and recruiters.

What’s Included In The Standard LinkedIn Profile Writing Service:

  • A 60-minute intake consultation to determine your
  • A compelling Summary that tells your story and includes a strategic call to action
  • A keyword optimized headline/branding statement and job titles
  • Three professional experiences – keyword optimized and accomplishment-focused
  • 60 minutes advanced training session

How You’ll Benefit: Elevated personal and professional image, builds both credibility and awareness. Complete and interested profiles will get more views that those that are not.

What It Costs:

$495     Buy It Now

Here’s How It Works

After you place your order, we will follow up with you by email within 3 hours of you placing your order during normal business hours or by next day if you initiated payment after hours. We will email you our Welcome Package which will also contain the LinkedIn Branding Assessment.

In the meantime, you can begin to gather some of the supporting documents that you will need to email us if you have them: old resume, cover letter, 2 job postings that interest you, recommendation letters, LinkedIn address, and any other document you believe will provide us insight into your current accountabilities or where you’d like go now. Email it to

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