How Changing One Word In Your LinkedIn Summary Can Double Engagement

When most people sit down to write the Summary section of their LinkedIn profile, the first two words they start with are “I am”.

I am an experienced software developer with 20 years of experience …
I am a CPA with a strong public and private accounting background …
I am a dynamic HR professional at a Fortune 500 company …

Nobody cares. 

People don’t care about what you do; they care about who you are and why you do it. Yet, 95% of people on LinkedIn write their summary in a way that explains the “what” rather than the “who” and the “why”.

How Many LinkedIn Connections Should You Have: Quality vs Quantity

One of the more hotly debated issues regarding LinkedIn is how many LinkedIn connections you should have. Some believe that more connections is the way to go regardless of any real relationship you have while others advocate for fewer, more intimate connections.


Personally, I prefer more of a hybrid approach. I don’t want 20,000 connections because I think it’d be too much to manage. However, I’m okay moving beyond my inner circle of people I know or have done business with because regardless of what LinkedIn says about only connecting with people you know, they reward those with larger networks.

How To Use Keywords in LinkedIn To Boost Your Search Rankings

One of the most frequent questions I get is how to increase the frequency of recruiters or potential clients finding your profile through LinkedIn’s search feature. More than 90% of recruiters use LinkedIn to source candidates, so if you’re trying to be found, you need to make sure your profile is optimized with the keywords that will help your profile rise in the rankings.

Keywords in LinkedIn Are The Top Factor In Your Search Ranking

Before you can optimize your profile, you need to determine the top 3-5 keywords you wish to rank for.

3 LinkedIn Hacks to Get Some Premium Services for Free

There is a long-standing debate about whether or not LinkedIn’s premium services are worth it. For most recruiters and B2B salespeople, the paid tools are a great option, but most casual users probably don’t need to shell out the money each month.

I’m not a huge fan of cheating the system, but I’m always up for capitalizing on a “loophole” to save a little cash. I’ve tried all of the LinkedIn hacks I’m about to suggest, so I know that they work.

How to Find LinkedIn’s Hidden, $7.99 Premium Option

A few weeks ago, LinkedIn rolled out its most affordable premium search option yet. Here in the US, the Spotlight option is $7.99/month and offers a watered down, but good enough for most people, option that is well worth considering. The problem is that they made it really difficult to find.

Why would you want Spotlight? The most important reason: because it gives you better visibility in LinkedIn search results and lets you put a spotlight *cough* on yourself. If you’re any type of Premium account holder, LinkedIn now features the following information about you in search results:

LinkedIn CEO Presents an Inspiring Vision for the Future

If you’re not excited about LinkedIn or you don’t believe it will soon completely transform the way professionals interact with each other, with companies, or institutions of higher education, watch this video.

Jeff Weiner presented this video in March of 2014, and even though I’m writing this post six months later, everything he talks about is still 100% relevant as his focus is on the next ten years, not the next ten months.